The Full Manners Program

Manners You Will Be Proud Of!

In the full manners package, we will address all the necessities over a customized training program. In this program, we will be fully engaged in teaching your dog the best manners possible that fit your daily life and schedule. Each week, we will meet for one hour to recap current progress, teach new skills, and continuously build good habits that you will be proud of! This training package is tailored to the things that matter most to you, while modifying behaviors and making good habits for your dog in and out of the home.

It is very true some pups do learn faster than others. If your pup is excelling through our program, that is great news! Don’t worry though, you will not be missing out. If this is the case, we will use the additional time in our program to keep advancing your pups behavior and skills. There are plenty of fun tricks we can teach, as well as continuing to advance the behaviors. Like the rest of the program, this will be based on what matters to you most!