Pre-Puppy Program

Preparing for your exciting adventure!

We offer a tailored in home consultation to answer all of your questions and guide you through preparing to bring home your new four legged family member. Great for first time dog owners to seasoned dog owners who want to establish strong fundamentals from day one.

Discounted price on the full manners package for owners who do this class. Additionally, Crux Canine Training will be there with you every step of the way to answer all questions that arise as you embark on this new adventure. 

In our Pre-Puppy time, we will cover all the essential topics to best prepare you for your new adventure. We will discuss topics such as, puppy proofing your home, setting up an efficient puppy schedule that fits in your daily life, how to create good habits and prevent bad ones, and much more. 

At the conclusion of our Pre-Puppy session, we will schedule a follow on session for after your pup has come home and settled in. At that session, we will go over what we discussed in our Pre-Puppy session and ensure things are off to a great start. The follow up session is included in the Pre-Puppy Program.