Independent Behavior
Modification Sessions

Understanding and Fixing Undesirable Behaviors

The first step is understanding the true cause of these behavioral issues. From there, we will get down to the root cause of these behaviors. We then are able to teach the dog the proper response to situations and create a safe environment for both you and your pet. 

Because we customize this based on the issue and your dog, pricing is based off the specific issue, not a matter of weeks. We are committed to correcting these behaviors and dedicating the time it takes your dog to change these concerning behaviors. 

During consultation, we will evaluate together the problems that matter the most. We will come up with a training plan to stop bad behaviors and implement good behaviors to keep the bond with your dog strong. At the completion of our consultation, we will discuss the right training plan, associated price and estimated number of weeks. I am completely dedicated to helping you correct these issues! If the pup is especially stubborn and it takes us additional time to complete, your end cost will still be the same. There will be no additional charges or surprise fees!