Advanced Obedience

Taking the training to the next level!

Crux Canine offers Advanced Obedience Training for the well-prepared dog that is motivated, has a high capacity for learning, and a strong foundation of obedience. 

If you and your pup were previously students in the Full Manners Program, we can continue right from where we left off; however, your pup does not have to receive his foundational training from Crux Canine to attend our Advanced Obedience Program. 

If your pup received their basic training elsewhere, we will gladly welcome them into the Crux Canine Family. New client’s pups will need to qualify for this level of training through an evaluation and our Master Trainer’s recommendation for the program during consultation. 

The Advanced Obedience Course will cover everything from long duration and distance stays to off leash obedience. The sky is the limit and we will fully meet and achieve your goals.